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Our purpose

We are at the dawn of AI, and today the most promising way of bringing technology to life is spelled Deep learning. At Berge we believe that AI will completely transform the way we live our lives and therefore we want to be part of it. With the disruptive nature of this field of technology there might be serious implications for companies if this pending change is ignored. That is why we encourage businesses in all industries to make serious assessments to whether things have to change also within their own walls. It might be as serious as a matter of survival.

We see our role in this as a spark igniter and a transformation catalyst. We have invested into being prepared to help you and in return we get to do what we truly believe in. In the long run it's also about our local survival in the global perspective, and that's something we all will benefit from.

Our services

Get inspired

If you want to know more about what this technology is about and what it is capable of - let us give you an introduction. There is a huge variety of applications and we can help you find the opportunities for your products or organizations.

Get protected

Unfortunately Intellectual Property is an arms race and you portfolio of patents might affect your competitiveness in your field of business. Let us combine your and our knowledge and patent great ideas before others do it.

Get prepared

Deep learning is a lot about data, and for some applications you need to set up the data collection years before getting your first result. Make sure you collect the right data in the right way today and define a labeling strategy together with us.

Get multiplied

Sometimes there's just not enough data. Our competence in 3D simulations can produce image data that empowers your learning process. We can even set up a reinforcement learning in virtual environments for your particular purposes.

Get going

When an opportunity is identified our skills can really be transformed into value through the development of a DNN-solution. We can take care of the whole chain or just aim at the core. We know:

  • Data collection/filtering/augmentation
  • DNN architecture design
  • DNN training
  • DNN deployment



Do you want our help or do you want to join us?

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