Our purpose

Our clients value our professional skills in the product and production development. We offer engineering and specialization services at each step in your process; both on a consultant basis and in-house.

We are mainly engineers in our department with Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree with good knowledge within one’s field. With a positive, powered and analytical personality, we like to take on challenges and the responsibility for one’s own work. A good ability for communication is the key in our projects.


Our services

Be prepared with studies & enforced with Project Managers

Prestudies are necessary to generate the fundament in a project. We help you get prepared by structuring and mapping the extent of the project with situational assessments and stakeholders analysis. A business case and conceptual solutions with prototypes are also generated with a plan and requirements needed for its implementation. Innovative abilities and economical comprehension are the typical characteristics for our engineers. Typical assessments are as such;

  • Concept Solutions & Prototyping        
  • Investment Basis & Supplier Evaluations
  • Project Risk Analysis & Cost Calculations     
  • Technical specifications.

To enforce projects, our project managers with engineering background have expertises in managing main or sub projects, technical project managements and assembly management.

Be elaborated with Mechanical Constructions and/or within Automotive

We construct everything from single component to complete projects. Prototyping and production in smaller series are done with our cooperative partners. Our mechanical constructors at Berge have strong personalities and abilities to develop demanding products with experiences within different industries; from retail and packaging, to medical and automotive.

With mechanical analysis and calculations on construction solutions, we can help you conclude possibilities for improvements from an economical and functional point of view.  Our competences are in:

  • Static & Dynamic Calculations
  • Frequency & Signal Analysis
  • CFD & Vibration simulation
  • Accelerometer measurements

Where we work in a modern and effective way by combining good knowledge and the latest tools

One of our biggest industry is Automotive. The automotive industry is fast growing with room for innovation and new developments.
We have a broad competence and engineers in fields such as:

Styling, Concept, Studioengineer, Interior, Exterior, R&D, Surface treatment, Special products, Packaging, Accessories and Active safety.

Be effective with Lean production & mechatronics

Well constructed products in an effective production with smart flow system at the production floor are saving our clients a lot money. Competitive production is created already at construction phase in terms of production economy and quality. We work with:

  • Generate concept solution for customizing and development of production machines
  • Process and machine status assessments
  • Production and facility design/layout
  • Rationalisation projects

We work with mechatronics which is where electronics and mechanics meet. In today’s complex industry mechanics interact with system design, computer technique (embedded systems), regulation technique and signal processing. This requires that a mechatronic engineer has knowledge in all involved areas to achieve the positive synergistic effect.

Be accessible with ergonomics, safety & technical documentation

We work with machine safety and CE-marking, where we can help with:

  • Risk Assessments (acc. Maskindirektivet, LVD and Atex) 
  • Compilation of CE-documentations
  • Practical arrangements & Customized educations
  •  Counselling when reconstruction or moving of machines etc.
  • Establishments of routines and cheat-cheats

To increase the total impression of a product and simplify the use, we make instructive and clear technical information with instruction manuals, product information and technical specifications. Berge’s technical informators have expertise in working close with our client’s R&D organisation. We collect technical information in a structured and detailed matter and have good knowledge to present the information in a pedagogical and understandable way.

Examples of technical information and documentation:

  • Installation and entertaining instructions for service personal
  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical documentation to enclose purchase basis


Are you interested in our services or do you want to join our team?
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Per Högberg / Sales Engineering +46 704 47 29 03

Per Högberg / Sales Engineering
+46 704 47 29 03

Karin Andersson / Account Manager +46 704 47 28 00

Karin Andersson / Account Manager
+46 704 47 28 00

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