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Even if you don’t listen in to tech-media, it’s still probable that you’ve noticed an increase in stories about how artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robots, and smart products and services impact us as human beings as we evolve into the future. Globally companies compete in being the best at adapting their business activities to meet the individual needs and preferences of their customers, or simply to be efficient enough with the internal resources to survive in a competitive market. We all see the trend and there’s a common understanding in terms of what direction we’re heading.

What might not be a shared view is how far we’ve come today, and in what pace we’re moving. Estimates on when different technologies will reach the public or change entire industries differ. Some bold ideas cannot be realized even in modern theory and in other cases the things being talked about as futuristic are already in the pockets of most people.

At Berge, we’ve always been on the less conservative side of the scale. We’re worried that the industries that surround us, and constitute the very industrial ecosystem that our lives are based on, are threatened by faster moving parts of the world. We’re also worried about how everything we do affects the future of our planet and its inhabitants. And we want to help.    

In short, our team at Berge shares some beliefs:

  • The world is changing, and now faster than ever before
  • The ability to adopt the right technologies is key for survival
  • Many organizations struggles to look up and ahead, to anticipate change well in time
  • Our children need every conceivable contribution to a more sustainable human presence on earth
  • Even as a relatively small business we can make a difference


So how can Berge go about and provide measurable results? Well, we think that an independent and knowledge-based group of specialists in intelligent systems can contribute to a faster adaptation of new technologies, which in its turn increases our customers' competitive strength or reduces their environmental footprint.

We are:

  • Independent from particular sectors to be able to learn from all industries
  • Curious as to what technology and methods are new and successful
  • Adaptive as newer things change our game
  • Best when we do what we believe in
  • Happy to be clear about what we don’t believe in

We see our role as a spark igniter and a transformation catalyst. We continuously invest into being prepared to help our customers and in return, we get to do what we truly believe in. We won’t be able to save the world but we surely can contribute.


We ourselves are also subject to change, so what we focus on will be different over time. As of today we grow and nurture skills within the following areas:

  • Deep learning
  • Deep reinforcement learning
  • Generative adversarial networks
  • Robotic sensing, localization, and control
  • Sensor fusion and signal processing
  • Synthetic data generation for training of neural networks

You could say that we apply state of the art methods to data, but that won’t capture it all. You could say that we work with artificial intelligence, but that also leaves some parts out. We call it Intelligent Systems. For now.



Do you want our help or do you want to join us?

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