The brief


The Digimode project is to develop a demonstrator for virtual design and sales with digitally enabled local production of apparel products that will enhance agility in the customer relation.

The fulfillment of this purpose is made possible by digitizing current analogue systems in design, marketing, rendering, customization and fitting. With a local digitally enhanced demand driven value chains of fabrics and garments the entire value chain can be demonstrated.



Our approach


We developed a virtual 3D fitting room application where the user could fill in her measurements, see how the Houdi fitted, make custom changes and order the garment. The application is built in Unreal Engine 4 and launched on iPad, but can run on PC and Mac as well.

Beyond the front-end where the user interact with the mannequin and Houdi, navigate through the application and order the garment we developed a server and order handling system to store information each purchase and send correct data to the manufacturer in Borås.




Key success factors

  • Reserarch game-engines to push the technology forward

  • Use technology to create a more sustainable world

  • Fantastic partners collaboration


The team