The brief


At Berge we love design and technology but we also have a special relationship to the ocean. It's why we're a proud sponsor of the Lysekil Women's Match where we continue developing an extended reality experience bringing sailing closer to the audience.

Sail racing has never been the typical spectator sport. The races are often held far from land where the winds and water are better suited for regattas, but even when held close to land it's hard for people on the shore to get an idea of what's really happening between the competing boats.



Our approach


We saw an opportunity to make this better and decided to provide the sail racing competition Lysekil Women's Match with technology to visualize the races in a virtual world.

We modeled the city Lysekil, built a fleet of sail boats and perfected the water rendering. We put sensors on all boats and buoys and set up a cloud solution to get all the necessary data from reality into the digital world.

With any viewing angle being possible and with additional information added to the realistic scenery we could open up completely new perspectives to spectators.



Process & result

Our virtual clone of the regatta was broadcasted over youtube and displayed on big screens in the race village together with traditional camera footage. Judging from the response we believe that we really made a difference!

We do not limit ourselves to sailing, using platforms from the gaming industry such as the Unreal Engine 4 we can visualize your products and processes or gamify your educational needs. We'll bring it to you through big screens, iPads or VR-headsets. Don't hesitate to discuss your bold ideas with us!

Key success factors

  • Broad set of compentenicies

  • Making impossible coverage of the race a reality

Lysekil Women's Match

Lysekil Women's Match is a sail race held in the bay of Lysekil in August each year. The audience gets a week of adrenalin-pumped, world class sailing.



The team