The starting point


We are always keen to follow, explore and test new technology & things that impacts our life. This drives our research and development.

The latest development to catch our attention are chat bots or conversational bots and more specifically; conversational UI and machine learning. Which we believe will have a huge impact on how companies will interact with their customers, how we design our services and the way we work with UX.



Our approach


We decided to put this tech to the test create our own conversational bot.

A service designer, software developer and graphic designer put their heads together and looked at how and where a chatbot could be implemented as well as creating the Messenger application and back-end. We believe testing is the only way to know if something works so that's what we did.



Process & result

Out of our research and development The Bridget Barbot was born and has been working for us ever since as a digital waiter in our monthly Thursday Bar events.

She's a chatbot on the Messenger platform and shows the guests the menu, takes orders and sends them to the bartenders. The bartenders and Barbot works together to let the guest know how it's going and when it's time to pick the concoction up.

Check out the video below to see it in action.



The team