The brief


It all started in the spring of 2016 with the insight at Sveba Dahlen that their product line needed a design update.

When addressing this together with Berge, it was clear that this update had to be based on a clear own direction and above all a thorough understanding of the end user needs.



Our approach


So a tailored team of designers and engineers dove into researching the customers and the end users: What did their bread-baking reality look like? What were their needs and aspirations? How could Sveba Dahlen improve their business and experience?

In parallel we also looked inwards: What was the core of Sveba Dahlen? Where were they heading? Why? These perspectives where then transformed into a value-based complete revamp of the Sveba Dahlen brand as well as a thorough update of the product line.



Process & result

Throughout the years thereafter we have been the design partner of choice för Sveba Dahlen. Through mutual trust and a clear frame agreement Berge have proactively helped with design or more products, engineering, marketing material, all kinds of product visualisations and UI designs. It has truly been a cross-functional work.

Sveba Dahlen have gained a uniform brand strategy on all levels aligning the entire brand and a flexible and efficient design- and engineering partner setup.

Key success factors

  • Clearly formulated frame agreement

  • Project management and cross functional project teams

  • User and researched based development

Sveba Dahlen

Sveba Dahlen was founded in 1948, and today it is a world leader in development and manufacturing of equipment for the bakery industry. The head office is located in Fristad on the outskirts of Borås, Sweden.



The team