The brief

Photo credit: Chip Vincent

Thule, the world leaders when it comes to transporting your active gear, approached Berge to design their new carrier basket.



Our approach



Process & result

Made from high quality materials the carrier basket not only looks amazing, but also is lightweight and easy to handle. 

The flat bottom makes it easy to load and unload gear, and the rubber top surface provides extra grip when long gear is loaded. Additional accessories can be mounted in Thule standard t-tracks and provides additional freedom and opportunities for the user.

Thule trail basket

Thule trail basket

A modular product allowing you to bring whatever you need on your adventure.

Key success factors

  • Extensive field research

  • Iterative sprint process and continuous user validation

  • Close cooperation with client


Thule is a global company based in Sweden with a goal to bring you closer to your passion

“ We didn't want to close any doors for the user, rather provide even more opportunities"

- Olle Claesson Industrial Designer, Berge