The brief

A new care system

Healthcare in Sweden today constantly strives for increased efficiency to meet today's and future care needs. As we live longer and more people will be chronically ill, a major transition is required implying greater proximity to patients, digitization, increased concentration of specialization and a quality driven development.

A disease that causes a lot of patient stress and many recurring hospitalisations to high costs is heart failure. To improve this situation, VGR has initiated an innovation project to develop a new concept for how to treat heart failure patients in a way that increases their sense of safety and enables them to live as comfortable as possible despite the disease.



Our approach


Developing a care service that focuses on the experience of the patient requires a user perspective throughout. A service design team from Berge was involved to help with this.

Thoroughly we analysed the needs and requirements and the journey of the patient. In a workshop with a large team from the heart failure care in the Borås region we together explored the design of a new central care function, described with the metaphor Flight Control Tower.



Process & result

Our team systematically mediated the work to make sure focus was kept on the care system of tomorrow and the experiences of the patient.

We then translated the findings into a concept description that will be the basis for political decision about progressing the care evolution.
We are convinced that a care that improves the well-being of the patients will in the end also be most cost effective for society.

Key success factors

  • Go to the patients and learn

  • Systematic service design approach

  • Preparing yourself and the workshop participants

Västra Götalandsregionen

Västra Götaland is the relatively densely populated area in the south-western part of Sweden, including Gothenburg and surrounding municipalities. Healthcare for its population in governed by Region Västra Götaland. They work hard in using service design to improve healthcare and their organisation. We worked with their regional development team and digitalization organisation in this project.

“We are really pleased with the cooperation with your team. You are super serious and committed and had a solid process from start to end.”

- Jeanette Bäfverfeldt, VGR



The team