The brief

Vision 2020 AR experience.jpeg

The Techno Creatives came to us for help with creating a concept around Volvo's Vision 2020, focusing on their efforts to reduce casualties and severe injuries

Since first introducing the seatbelt in 1957, safety has been a core value at Volvo and with the 2020 vision the company's showing that they want to stay ahead and commit to always raising the bar.



Our approach

Centre attraction Volvo Geneva Motor Show - Photo credit A Holmes.jpg

The timeline was short and the stakes high to deliver the centre attraction at Volvo's 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Berge's approach to work in agile and effective power teams fit the task perfectly, delivering both technical skill sets as well as creative assistance. We helped turning the stories from ideas into the virtual environment populated with the animated stories, houses, trees, birds and soundscapes. Our experience from interior work helped advising on the physical elements supporting the virtual experience.



Process & result

With iPads as their window into the virtual world the audience experienced three emotional stories.

The mix of soft values and new technology as another way to tell a story made Volvo's life saving vision and technology more accessible and human.

Big thanks to The Techno Creatives and team at Volvo as well as SCP Grey for great teamwork.

Key success factors

  • Agile & effective power team

  • Applying soft values to new technology

  • Close cooperation with clients

Volvo Car Group

Volvo is a global player in the premium category, known for their relentless focus on safety.

The project won the Red Dot 2015 in the communication category together with the Techno Creatives and Volvo Car Group.



The team