The brief


The collaboration with Walleräng started with a shared vision of a future city based on alternative traveling and the joy of riding a bicycle.



Our approach


Personas were created to explore the needs of different kinds of users. It allowed us to think outside of ourselves and challenge any preconception of what a commuter needs.

Based on the commuters everyday needs we developed the modular frame concept on the values of the newly created Swedish brand.



Process & result

The M.01 is the first of its kind that combines Scandinavian Design with all the benefits of a durable e-bike system. The very best of two worlds for your everyday travels.

The final product features Walleräng's own Modular Travel System together with power from the Shimano Steps e-bike system. The Walleräng Modular Travel System is a interchangeable travel system. It lets you customize your transportation solution with a single tool for attachment of both the front and rear carrier.


Scandinavian values


The design was made to express the strong Scandinavian values that the Walleräng brand is built upon. We wanted to attract a user that wasn't represented in the range of e-bikes that was currently on the market. A younger crowd that cares more about the way the bike and design makes them feel.

Key success factors

  • Personas to kill any preconceptions of user needs

  • Iterative sprint process

  • Enthusasitic partnership


Walleräng's mission is to bring you easier everyday travels through smarter solutions. They are making premium electric bikes in Gothenburg Sweden.

The bike won the Eurobike Award 2015.

The team